Skimmer Systems

Mesa custom designs and manufactures pontoon and floating roof Skimmer Systems. Mesa's Skimmers are used by tank owners to separate a light product from a heavier product in the tank. This is achieved by draining or "skimming" the light product off the top of the heavier product and then draining it through Mesa's Flexible Pipe system.

Mesa's exclusive flexible skimmer discharge lines do not add any additional weight or torque to skimmer pontoon, floating pan or floating roof. The smooth chemical resistant fluid way will not cause turbulence or trap solids as waxy residue. Skimmers offer the following features:

  • Pre-assembled for precise fit at job site (disassembled for shipment if tank access is limited to small man way).
  • Engineered custom sizes and designs to fit customer requirements.
  • Siphon, suction or gravity wear type "pickups" can be raised or lowered to collect the desired quantity of light hydrocarbons.
  • Vortex breakers included.
  • Stainless steel (304) cylindrical pontoons are designed for tank man way access.

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