Internal Floating Roof Systems

Serving Oil and Gas producers around the world

oil storage tanks, floating roof systemsSandborn Roofs has been manufacturing and installing full-contact internal floating roof (IFR) systems since 1979, with hundreds of installations servicing oil and gas producers in North America and across the globe.

Sandborn Roofs' highly experienced staff and field crews offer our clients industry-leading expertise in floating roof systems.

The core of our success can be found in Sandborn's commitment to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Our mission is to supply producers with high-efficiency, durable floating roof systems.

Our unique floating roof systems save our clients money by:

  1. Protect the environment by eliminating emissions.
  2. Increasing safe tank operations.
  3. Protecting your investment.

Protecting the environment is extremely important to Sandborn Roofs. We are proud to know that for each Sandborn IFR installed, tens of thousands of pounds of harmful emissions are prevented from entering the atmosphere every year.

At Sandborn Roofs we are dedicated to creating targeted solutions for our clients. We provide design and planning support and help our clients identify potential issues with their floating roof projects, while working with them closely to develop specific solutions to meet their needs.

As we continue to evolve and advance the technology of floating roof systems, we also strive to promote long term partnerships with our clients.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients are satisfied that the job is done right and finished on schedule every time.

Mission Statement:

Sandborn Roofs is dedicated to improving the safety and reducing the environmental impact of atmospheric storage tank systems, using efficient floating roof technology, technical expertise, education and real world experience in partnership with our clients.