Field Installation & Refurbishment Services

Field Services for local and international markets

pontoon style floating roofs, Sandborn products easy installation

Sandborn Roofs is pleased to offer a wide range of Field Services for API 650 Storage Tanks equipped with either external or internal floating roof systems.

Installation, Repair and In-Service Maintenance Services

Qualified Sandborn Crews are trained in and can efficiently install floating roofs, seal kits, foam dams, roof drains and other floating roof accessories supplied by Sandborn. Sandborn crews are available for projects in Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba).

Our highly trained and experienced Sandborn Crew can often complete most maintenance tasks while tanks are still in-service, which can save significant tank cleaning costs and reduce down time for your storage tank. We would be pleased to discuss the suitability of in-service work on a project by project basis.

Installation Specialties:

  • Sandborn Internal Floating Roofs (SIFR)
  • Floating Roof Perimeter Seals for both Internal and External Floating Roofs.
    • Mechanical Shoe Seals
    • Rim Mounted Secondary Seals
    • Wedge Wiper Seals
    • Foam Log Seals
  • Rim Mounted Foam Dams
  • Roof Drains
  • Skimmer Systems
  • Seals for Floating Roof Penetrations
    • Column Seals (Double or Single)
    • Ladder Seals (Double or Single)
    • Gauge Pole Seals (Sleeves, Floats or Double and single seals)
    • Leg Boots

Repair Service Specialties

  • Floating roof seal replacements.
  • Seal upgrades to meet CCME requirements.
  • Floating roof upgrades and retro-fits.

In-Service Maintenance Specialties

  • Internal floating roof (IFR) inspections.
  • External floating roof (EFR) seal replacements.
  • Regulatory seal gap measurements.
  • Pinning of floating roof support legs.
  • Minor floating roof repairs.

Supervision Services

Sandborn Roofs offers worldwide installation supervision on our products and services, ensuring the proper installation and operation of your floating roof systems.