Buoyancy Recovery Products

External pontoon-styled floating systems rely on air filled buoyancy compartments in order to remain floating above the stored product. Over time, corrosion can lead to holes between the buoyancy compartment and the stored product, causing it to fill up with liquid and compromise the roof’s ability to remain buoyant and stay afloat.

Most EFR pontoon systems are designed to remain buoyant even if two compartments have failed. However, if the leak was caused by corrosion, there is a significant risk that it could spread to the adjacent compartments and cause the roof to sink.

The key to maintaining your system's integrity is to restore the lost buoyancy as quickly as possible while protecting the adjacent compartments from potential failure.

When choosing a buoyancy recovery product for your external floating roof tank, you should consider the following:

  • In-Service Buoyancy Recovery
    Your tank will likely be in service when the leaking pontoon is detected. It is critical that you are able to reduce your risk of sinking the floating roof as quickly as possible. Mesa Pontoon Liners provide a highly economical and rapid installation method for recovering lost buoyancy in pontoon floating roof systems.
  • Scheduled Out-of-Service Repair
    Buoyancy recovery is designed to be a temporary system, so plan on taking your tank out-of-service to repair the damage in a timely fashion. Most buoyancy recovery systems will buy you enough time to get the problem fixed before it gets worse.

Pontoon Liners

Mesa custom designs Pontoon Liners for Pontoon Floating Roof tanks. The pontoon liner is installed inside the pontoon and inflated to displace product and keep the roof afloat.

Mesa's Pontoon Liners are most commonly used in a pontoon that has begun to leak. Leaking pontoons can fill with product from the tank, causing the floating roof to sink. Sunken roofs can cause a range of undesirable situations in the tank.
Mesa's Pontoon liners prevent these undesirable situations, including:

  • Tank damage
  • Roof damage
  • Environmental hazards or violations
  • Costly cleanup and decontamination procedures

Mesa's Pontoon liners are engineered, manufactured and tested using the latest polymer technology. Liners are made from MesaThane, which provides flexibility and hydrocarbon resistance.

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