Virtually unsinkable floating roof system

Foam core impervious to liquid and vapour

full contact roofs, efficient roof system

Sandborn Roofs builds American Petroleum Institute (API) compliant, high-performance, full contact Internal Floating Roof (IFR) systems that dramatically reduce harmful emissions from above ground storage tanks.
Sandborn’s floating roof systems are designed for storage tanks that hold crude oil, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, condensates and other refined oil products.

The full contact floating roof design of the Sanborn IFR reduces the exposed surface area of the liquid by more than 97%, resulting in significantly lower tank emissions and greater efficiency than pontoon-based IFR systems.
When the floating roof is mounted on pontoons, dangerous, flammable vapour collects in the open space between the roof and product. Sandborn IFRs have virtually no vapour cavities below the deck surface, reducing evaporation and harmful emissions.

As well, the Sandborn IFR deck modules are heat sealed and mechanically fastened together during construction, eliminating seams and creating a vapour tight surface area.

Watch our product video for a comparison between Sandborn Roofs and our competitors.

The Sandborn IFR not only provides a high efficiency floating roof system but also offers a principal design feature you won’t find in any other floating roof system: a closed-cell, polyurethane module core. This foam core is impervious to both liquids and vapours and results in an extremely buoyant, virtually unsinkable floating roof.

Sandborn Roofs backs up this claim with a ten-year, anti-sinking guarantee.

foam core impervious to liquids, virtually unsinkable floating roof

The closed-cell polyurethane foam core gives the Sandborn IFR an R20 insulating value, which reduces heating costs for winter service tanks and also lowers the liquid surface temperature during the hot summer season, keeping the vapour pressure and emissions to a minimum.

Another unique feature of the Sandborn IFR system is the ZetabonTM coated modules. ZetabonTM is a co-polymer coating used to protect metal elements from corrosion and decay due to chemical exposure. The Sandborn IFR is the only system that provides a protective coating on its aluminum skinned deck modules to prevent oxidation and protect your investment.

The Sandborn IFR is suspended from the tank roof by adjustable cables that hold it above the floor when product in the tank falls below a certain level.

The Sandborn IFR system can be installed through a standard 24” API man way, with no need for shell cut outs or modifications. If necessary, Sandborn can even use a 21" man way.

The Sandborn IFR comes with a variety of API recommended perimeter seal systems, including a highly efficient and durable liquid mounted mechanical channel hanger mini-shoe seal system or a vapour mounted wiper seal system.

The Sandborn IFR has a proven history in rough service tanks, including pipeline and emergency overflow systems. The flexible design of the Sandborn IFR offers superior resistance to potential occurrences that may cause operational problems or sudden failure in rigid construction IFR systems. The Sandborn design also allows for easy field repairs should mechanical damage occur.

Sandborn Roofs stands behind the quality of each Sanborn IFR system with a full 1 year parts and labour warranty, as well as our industry exclusive, 10 year anti-sinking warranty.

Deck Support Options

Sandborn Internal Floating Roof Systems can be supported in a variety of ways, such as by adjustable cables or legs or by a fixed grid internal support.

Adjustable stainless steel cable supports eliminate the requirement for an in-service entry to set low operating or high maintenance positions on the Sandborn IFR system. Cable supports also provide an obstruction-free bottom for future tank cleaning or floor work. Cable supports are compatible with most steel cone roofs and geodesic aluminum domes.

Adjustable leg support systems are available for tank roofs that cannot support the weight of the Sandborn IFR system. Leg supports are available in both standard aluminum or stainless steel materials.

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