Seal Materials for API 650 Tank products

Sandborn Roofs is the Authorized Canadian distributor of Mesa Rubber seal fabrics for above ground storage tank floating roof seal systems, vapour collection bladders / curtains, gauge pole covers, roof leg boots and other tank gasket applications.

Mesa's seal fabrics are available in a wide range of specifications to meet the needs of product applications worldwide.

  • MesaThaneTM 6036 is a reinforced premium-grade urethane laminate featuring superior chemical, abrasion, puncture, ozone and U/V resistance. 6036 is compatible with 100% aromatic hydrocarbon vapors, gasoline, crude oil and many other chemical solvents. 6036 offers excellent tensile strength and flexibility. Applications include Floating Roof Seals, Gauge Pole Covers, Leg Boots, Collapsible Storage Tanks, Vapour Bladders, Pontoon Liners and other custom applications.

MesaThaneTM 6036

  • MesalonTM 7010 is a reinforced polymer laminate designed to provide superior chemical resistance, tensile strength and flexibility. 7010 is well suited for 100% aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, ETBE, MTBE, Ethanol, Methanol and other chemicals. Mesalon 7010 is designed to provide maximum performance and service life in even the harshest of operating conditions.

MesalonTM 7010

  • Mesa's 6070 material is a PTFE with fiberglass reinforcement. It provides excellent flexibility and maximum chemical resistance. 6070 is compatible with 100% aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide and many other chemical solvents. It resists fluid absorption, fire, and extreme temperatures. 6070 material ensures maximum performance and service life.

Mesa 6070

  • Mesa A-26 is a cast urethane material designed to seal roof penetrations on External Floating Roof Tanks (EFRT) and Internal Floating Roof Tanks (IFRT). A-26 features high resistance to abrasion, 100% liquid and vapor aromatics, neat MTBE, U/V and ozone. A-26 offers excellent hydrolytic stability, tensile strength and chemical compatibility to provide maximum service life.

Mesa A-26


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