API Circulation Vents and Overflows

Sandborn Roofs manufactures Aluminum Circulation Vents and Shell Overflows for API 650 above ground storage tank systems.

API 650 Circulation Vents

Additional Products, Circulation Vents

Sandborn Roofs Circulation Vents are designed to provide additional Venting to reduce the potential of explosive gases building up inside the tank atmosphere above the product or floating roof. Each circulation vent also provides convenient inspection access points for yearly seal and floating roof inspections.

  • Aluminum Finish, no painting or coating required
  • Light-weight & easy to lift
  • Provides additional lighting within the tank during maintenance
  • Includes aluminum mesh bird-screen covering at openings
  • Meets API 650 Requirements

Shell Overflows

Sandborn Roofs manufactures tank shell overflow covers for API 650 & 653 above ground storage tank systems. Overflows are designed to provide a back up to overfilling should the systems high level alarm or shut-off systems fail.

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